Stories More ARtfully Told (SMART)

Welcome to SmartyPants Publishing, Inc. We’re a little different, and maybe a little weird, because not only are we here for readers, but we’re here for writers, too.

Readers Love Us Because

We offer stories and books, not only by genre and author, but by theme, by archetype, by POV, by strength (character, plot, theme, setting). We combine the academic and the artful so well because we require our authors do both, and that means we offer contemporary and classic literature and genre fiction to voracious readers’ sensitive palates.

All of our stories and book must follow stringent rules to be accepted, so while you won’t see “50 Shades” of anything here, you just might catch some well-written fanfiction in our free section, or erotica that actually carries a plot and only crosses lines on purpose.

We aim to elevate fiction to where it belongs: in the category of life-changing entertainment, something you can discuss with your friends without it degenerating into a bunch of text-speak like “IKR? FFS I can’t even…”

Writers Love Us Because

We teach the craft of writing, from flash fiction to short stories to personal essay to novelette to novella to novel and even through series. There’s nothing off limits to us: give us your fanfiction. Explore your goriest horror or freakiest erotica. Give us literary stories that seem to go nowhere and yet touch everywhere. Show us those private pains that change people’s lives… and we’ll teach you how to make it better, and send it off into the world to make a difference.

We also offer more traditional services, and function as a traditional publisher, where, if we accept your story or your manuscript, the editing, marketing, cover design, layout, and distribution is all paid for, plus you receive your advance and your publishing contract.

We also have contests, which are currently improvement-based, running all the time.

But for the writers who aren’t maybe there yet, SmartyPants Publishing is the place to get your no-BS lessons in what publishers expect (especially strict ones like us), and how to execute it. We’re very serious about the craft of writing, and even if you don’t initially publish with us, we want you to be successful as an author who understands his/her/their* responsibility to readers.

We also accept re-prints, which a lot of publishing houses won’t do. As long as the rights have reverted to you, we’ll correctly cite the original publication and re-publish your work, assuming it meets our very strict acceptance criteria.

* “They” is rapidly becoming accepted as a singular non-gendered pronoun, and SmartyPants proudly supports it. For people unfamiliar with the etymology of the word “they”, it was originally also a singular pronoun. The strict plural-pronoun usage didn’t come into effect until the mid-18th Century, and wasn’t insisted upon until the 19th Century.

Stories More ARtfully Told

Let's start growing as authors, sharing our knowledge and helping one another create Stories More ARtfully Told. After all, that's only SMART.