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The way down into depression, and the rise back up.

Rising Exothermic The whole time I was falling, with the circle of the sky closing, closing like the mouth of the gray whale swallowing me, my temperature dove with me. At first it was snuggling toward the tap, as if the steaming fall were a life-giving campfire. I huddled toward the warmth as though the cooling waters being me…

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Spectrum Teaser

We assembled an irresistable teaser for our new anthology, “Spectrum”. Just click below to get your copy. There’s an exclusive offer inside for pre-orderers only! Teaser Spectrum If you’ve already been teased, and want to pre-order CLICK HERE And if you’ve preordered and can’t remember where to send the receipt, send it HERE

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Aim to Fail

Girl making funny face

I piss a lot of people off, which is a fact that people who know me in real life are often shocked to find out. But I do. I piss A LOT of people off, especially online. Sometimes that’s just my role. Groups occasionally need a bruiser, a terrier, a poker-of-trolls, or just some lively entertainment. People like to…

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Candle light in dark room

“I don’t understand the significance of the candle.” Jerry directed his sigh; the flame flickered anyway. The air above it danced and swirled like Jerry’s thoughts. “I told you, it’s the canary in a coal mine. When the flame dies, our oxygen is up.” “Up? What do you mean, up?” Jerry checked the candle. “Every time I repeat myself,…

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I’m Not Going To Make It

Girl suffering from anxiety

I’m not going to make it. I’ll try. I’ll do my damnedest, but I know how this will go: despite my best effort, I will fail in the end. I won’t make it. My hands sweat. I wipe them against the softest pants I have. I knew how uncomfortable the process would be, remembered the sweating, wore the softest…

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Fortunate Souls (Erotica, almost Fanfic but not quite)

Octopus tentacles

I woke up wet. Yeah, like that. But also, like waking up from night sweats. Wet everywhere. Just fucking damp. I shudder to say “moist”, but there it was: I was wet. You know those mornings where you wake up and your yani is yawning? No? Growling? Like when you have to roll to the side and slide your…

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Woman sitting on park bench

She stuffs her coat into the backpack. The zipper moans and growls as she forces it shut, and the tear by the hang-up loop spreads a little wider. A few kids giggle as she struggles into the straps: her breasts press against her shirt so hard that gaps open up, exposing her bra and her cleavage. The boys just…

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