New Noveller

What Is New Noveller?

Has this ever happened to you: you get a quarter or a half of the way through your manuscript and it just dries up? Whatever you call it–inspiration, flow, the whispers of your Muse–it’s gone. Or you finish your draft (or maybe even the whole manuscript) and then you take a course or read a book about writing and oh, no, now you have to go back and re-write the whole thing? Who knew that the moral decision the character made on page 7 was supposed to affect the motives of the Spy character on page 213!?

We knew. We’re publishers and editors and authors–it’s our job to know. So what we’ve done is take our accumulated knowledge of the craft of storytelling, held a few of our IT friends hostage, and forced them to put our arcane understandings into a database. But not just any database — a Noveller.

It Builds Your Novel

It builds up your novel (or novella, or story–we’re flexible) from the Ideation stage through the Last Read-Through, in small blocks at a time that you could finish in as little as 10-minutes at a shot.

Each little block contains questions about your story: questions designed to make you think about the connections and patterns you’ve read, watched, and heard all of your life, but may not be able to explain. We can. We break down those relationships for you, so, by virtue of your answers, we can construct the linkages that make a story pop.

Linkages–both dramatic and thematic–are what make a story satisfying. So, if you’re into satisfying your reader, you’ll love what Noveller can do for you.

It Links the Dramatic Events

So you never, ever, forget to tie the Introduction Phase’s First-Half Decision to the Increasing Stakes Phase’s Spy’s Moral Conflict… So you don’t have to study for ten years to figure out what goes where, we break down the levels of literature from novel to short story and put the relationships together for you.

What’s it like to have someone handle the drama? It’s like someone turned on the light inside of your story. It’s clear, vibrant, and it all makes so much more sense. Experience your novel the way it was meant to be: a creative whole from Introduction Decision to New Situation Consequence. You will feel “the End” with more pride than you thought possible.

It Sets Your Creativity Free

You don’t have to live by a set of “rules”–each project of yours is infinitely customizeable. The linkage possibilities suggested by the program are yours to incorporate or not, as you see fit. After all, YOU are the author. But these patterns also make sense, and it’s amazing how thinking about the patterns drives your creativity wild. That “flow” state is much easier to achieve when you can see, smell, hear, and taste your scene.

Without the heavy burden of trying to keep your project organized, your creativity is left free to roam and romp over the verdant fields of your imagination, or the dank corners of your fears.

But Wait, There’s More…

It Backs Up Your Work

Remember that pizza-delivery character you threw out last week and suddenly want to make the key plot-twister in your New Situation? Well, in Noveller, he didn’t die, he didn’t disappear–he just got out of the way until you choose to call him back. All of his information, ordered by the time you created it and whether or not it’s active, is still there, waiting for you.

Access Your Novel from Anywhere

All Hail the Cloud… your novel is securely housed for you to access anywhere you have internet. And for our more hermetical users, you can download and print anything, anytime, for use without the Net.

It’s Cross-Referenced to Our Lessons

Do you want to learn more about how the Basic Story Structure resonates inside a scene or a Phase? Did you completely forget what your Moral Argument is and how it affects your opponent-turned-bestie? Good thing that Noveller is cross-referenced to our online University, now, isn’t it? Each page has a link to the lesson on that subject, plus a veritable bibliography of lessons and resources in the “Resources” section.

You Don’t Have to Buy the Cow

For most of the calendar year of 2016, we will be building up Noveller through each Phase until you can have your whole novel printed out for you in standard Manuscript Format. And while we are doing all of that, we are offering Noveller for free. Why? Because the best beta-testers in the whole universe are real people, and the best advertising in the whole world is word-of-mouth. And because we don’t believe in charging for something that can’t fulfill its intended purpose.

And There’s No Catch

Once you’ve created your account for free, it will remain free to you–forever. Even when we start charging in late 2016, your subscription is paid for, just for trying it out. Create as many projects as you want. Submit to any publisher or agent. Become a best-selling author off of our forumulae, it’s all ok. Although eventually we’ll charge to defer our development and maintenance costs, you, as an early adopter and agent of success, will reap your rewards gratis.


…So What Are You Waiting For?

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Let's start growing as authors, sharing our knowledge and helping one another create Stories More ARtfully Told. After all, that's only SMART.