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Literary/Slice of Life

Talking Back by Jennifer Roush


When my mother passed away suddenly in April 2013, I was left with one journal. One journal to understand 20 years of her repeated attempts at suicide. But what I found was not just understanding, it was love; it was healing; it was forgiveness. Join me as I plumb some of the depths of suffering . . . and of love.


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To Every Teacher Who Ever Lectured Me About My Potential by Jennifer Roush


What happens to academic potential when your survival is on the line? Fourth-grader Jessie bounces between worst-case scenarios, until she must make the ultimate choice between survival and success.

Beset on all sides, all Jessie can do is try to hold on, to navigate the treacherous shores her school, her friends and her family create. Whether she swims or sinks, though, may not be up to her.


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Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014 is an anthology edited by Roy C. Booth and Jorge Salgado-Reyes


Need something to amuse you this Halloween holiday season? These drabbles will keep you entertained and amused throughout! Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, fairies, djinns, goblins, trolls, witches, brownies, banshees are all on the prowl in these spooky drabbles.


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Essay Format

Four Doors Open by AM Justice, Elaina Portugal, Shinazy, and Lyndi Scott


This collection of writers will give you pause in your daily life, help you understand we are not alone. They will peel back the layer of emotion and give you a glimpse of their souls. We are touched by the commonality of our uniqueness, how we look at the same setting sun, the rising moon, and all the stars in between.


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The road to change begins with a single step, or a letter. Join our journey as five people write letters of confrontation, forgiveness, and growth to themselves in order to change their lives forever.


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Story Format

In Search of Our Ancestors by Megan Smolenyak


As a companion to the PBS series, In Search of Our Ancestors explores the happy accidents and moments of inspiration that open to doors to our family history. Each story of discovery will inspire you to look deeper into your family tree, or even to reconnect with loved ones, contemporary and historical alike. Not everyone has such rich and well-recorded family history, but these stories are ones we can all enjoy.


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