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… and future SmartyPants Authors

What, there’s a publishing company that actually wants to help out authors? Believe it. If you awesome people didn’t produce wonderful worlds and exciting escapism, we wouldn’t be here. Heck, we’re writers, too. So we’ve put together our best resources: writing lessons, story appraisals, our blog, e-courses, our Facebook critique pages. Everything we can, we do to help you hone your craft.


The Best of the Best

Do you want to revolutionize your writing? I mean, completely change how you relate to the written word, to practice lessons from writing masters? Would you like quick feedback on YOUR work?

We have several options for the brave few who don’t quail from tough standards.



An appraisal is a survey of your text against rigorous standards, which happen to be the standards we judge against when we consider your work. What does that mean for you? That means that we will tell you precisely what we find issue with in your writing, and we will tell you every issue in your writing. For short stories, that means, if you address our findings and resolve them, we will publish your story. For novels, it’s a little more likely you will introduce new error when fixing the old, so to compromise, we will offer subsequent appraisals at a special, reduced price.

What it means to you is that you get your hands on concrete criteria acquisitions editors use to judge your work. It means you get the work of a professional editor, eyeballing your manuscripts, but without the cost associated with the editor fixing it. It means you get a year’s worth of writing lessons in one shot, with the flexibility to learn at your own pace and without anyone breathing down your neck. It’s like a key to success. Of course we can’t guarantee success, but we can guarantee you’ll know more about what makes writing good than most of your author friends. We can provide that professional leg-up. Intrigued? Click here to learn more.



It’s like going back to school without the classes you don’t need, without the endless lectures, and without the debt. Check out our SmartyPants College to see what’s available today!


Great Alternatives (and cheaper, too)

Facebook Group: SmartyPants Writing Lessons and Critiques

Modern technology is a wonderful thing for authors. It allows us to have our very own online critique group. In this group, not only will the SmartyPants acquisitions editors be available for critiquing your work (or excerpts from your work), but a whole community will also be available. This is a group for writers at every stage of development, who all share the drive to advance their craft. Lessons, exercises, challenges, we do it all in here, and in an environment that promotes both respect as well as fun. Many of us developed our skills the MOST in rooms like these, and so in homage to our beginnings, we maintain this group for all our smart authors and our smart contributors. If you’d like to join, just click here.

You bring the motivation, we’ll bring the information. You don’t need money to be a great author. We are here to help you be awesome, because without writers, our readers would have nothing to read. So spread the word. Get your other writing buddies in here, or your Nanowrimo buddies, or anyone else. Let’s start growing as authors, sharing our knowledge and helping one another create Stories More ARtfully Told. after all, that’s only SMART.

Stories More ARtfully Told

Let's start growing as authors, sharing our knowledge and helping one another create Stories More ARtfully Told. After all, that's only SMART.