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Results-based courses to improve your writing–For serious authors only!

At SmartyPants Publishing, we believe that Smart Writers make Smart Readers, and Smart Readers are loyal to Smart Writers. Our belief in this upward spiral of quality is finally manifested in our newest venture, Smarty Pants College of the Writerly Arts.

Despite our ongoing sense of humor, SmartyPants College is for serious authors who value digging deeply into the craft, from the iterative structures inside American storytelling to the actual prose itself. We don’t shy away from tough subjects, and we elucidate concepts like “Show, Don’t Tell” with actual steps and processes as well as definitions for our authors.

Best of all, because we are a publisher, if we accept your manuscript, we will refund any paid class tuition, and you will enjoy free lifetime membership to the College…because we believe that educating our authors makes for a better experience for our customers, which is why they’re so loyal to SPP.

Also, we moderate the comments section, where you can brainstorm with other authors or share your successes and failures. Because of this customized attention, we only offer some of our classes for brief periods (enrollment has limited timeframes, however access to to the course is ongoing).

If that sounds good to you, the next step is simple, just sign up at SmartyPants College today to view our Course Catalog and some of our shorter courses.

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Stories More ARtfully Told

Let's start growing as authors, sharing our knowledge and helping one another create Stories More ARtfully Told. After all, that's only SMART.