State of Submissions Throughout the Site

Short Fiction and Short Nonfiction–OPEN!–With a Caveat

You’ve waited, and here it is: SmartyPants is re-opening to short fiction and short non-fiction to be improved.

What do we mean, “improved”?

Because we specialize in raising the bar for all readers and authors, to start off our submissions, we’re looking for 500-word pieces that might need some help “showing, not telling”. Entrants receive a free online course, free editing guidance, and free critiquing. The top 5 of these will be selected to appear in our future material on the subject, as well as anthologies. All selected entrants (those 10-20) who complete both the course and the editing will be featured on our website in a “Before and After” Gallery.

How is this a win for you? If you’re selected, you’re getting published one way or another. Either on our site, or in our print and online works. Full details will be in the publishing contract (yes, a real publishing contract) you receive upon acceptance.

If you’re not selected, then you’re free to submit your story elsewhere…or, if we like it (but think it doesn’t need any help with “Show, Don’t Tell”, we might just send you a contract for publication on our site or in our upcoming anthologies.

In any case, you pay nothing. Interested? We thought so. For the very first step, see if you can identify “Telling” in your story by checking out this report.

If your story qualifies, click here to be taken to the contest page!


Manuscripts–Temporarily closed

You have a manuscript you want published, we’re a publisher. It’s like a match made in Heaven, right?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting public submissions at this point. We are building a host of educational products and resources, and it is not fair for us to reject a manuscript without telling what needs to be fixed and giving your the opportunity to fix it. We will open submissions once we have our educational materials in place, so we ensure the highest-quality material for our rabid fans.

Stories More ARtfully Told

Let's start growing as authors, sharing our knowledge and helping one another create Stories More ARtfully Told. After all, that's only SMART.